Gold Membership

IV therapy is the process of administering nutrients, such as antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins directly into your body. One of the main benefits of IV drips is the higher absorption of nutrients as compared to taking supplements orally. This type of therapy also allows for the administration of higher nutrient doses as it can bypass the digestive system. To get more value out of our services, clients can consider subscribing to IV Butler’s gold membership plan.

About IV Butler’s Gold Membership Plan

The gold membership plan allows clients to drip with IV Butler while saving money every month. Our subscriptions are designed to promote wellness and help improve our clients’ health. In addition to what the base plan offers, you can select other types of IV drips that are available on our list. You just have to top up the difference if the new option is priced differently. Each IV drip session does not exceed an hour on average, and you can experience the rejuvenating effects of our IV therapy services almost instantly. For increased convenience, our team can deliver the drips to your residence.

Below is a quick look at what our gold membership plan offers:

  • $249* per month
  • Includes 1 IV per month (any IV drip up to $349)
  • 15% off all other services including add-ons to your IV

IV Drip Options and Add-ons to Your Gold Membership Plan

  • Beauty Drip: Have your skin glow, even out discoloration patches, brighten your skin tone.
  • Biotin Drip: Revitalize your hair, skin, and nails. Feel great and look great, too!
  • Detox Drip: Revitalize your body, get rid of the toxins in your body, and feel energized!
  • Energy and Focus Drip: Give yourself a boost of energy on those late nights studying!
  • Food Poisoning Drip: Ate something that is not sitting right with your stomach? We can help!
  • Hangover Drip: When you have a headache and feel nauseous after partying too hard.
  • Hydration Drip: When you feel dehydrated, sluggish, and lacking in energy, after a cold or flu.
  • Immunity Drip: This drip is best when you are feeling the start of a cold or flu (e.g., itchy throat)
  • Myers Cocktail Drip: This drip is perfect for those that experience chronic fatigue.

Health Benefits of IV Drip Therapy

Although studies show that drinking fluids is good for health, drinking too much at one time can be hard on your digestive system. It may overwork the system and prevent it from fully processing and absorbing the nutrients. In this case, all your efforts would have gone to waste as the excess fluids get flushed out. IV therapy, however, allows your body to absorb both fluids and nutrients more effectively and without any uncomfortable side effects.

Do you regularly work out? Intense physical activities cause individuals to lose more fluids than usual and it is important to replenish lost electrolytes and nutrients. Drinking water alone is not enough to deliver the nutrients your body needs to recover. IV Butler drips not only ensures you are hydrated but will replenish and refresh your body with the nutrients almost instantly.

Why Should You Subscribe for IV Butler’s Gold Membership Plan?

At IV Butler, our team is comprised of experienced physician assistants and registered nurse practitioners. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are recognized as a luxury IV infusion brand. We have years of experience serving clients in the Tri-State area. No matter where you need us to be, IV Butler will treat you with high-class elegance.

If you want to learn more about our gold membership subscription, feel free to contact us now. IV Butler can be called at (212) 484-9097 or emailed at [email protected].