New York City, NY

IV Butler offers a quick and effective way to get the nutrients and energy-boosting supplements that you need. With our effective IV infusions, you get instant benefits as these essential nutrients bypass the digestive system and go straight into your blood. At IV Butler, we administer these nutrients at your home, office, or hotel room so you don’t have to go out of your way to get the benefits of our IV infusions. Call us today and schedule an appointment with us.

About New York City, NY

The City of New York is located in the State of New York and is the largest city in the United States. NYC is divided into various boroughs namely Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. The city is a global center for the arts, finance, media, and much more. Given its strategic importance, New York City is sometimes referred to as a Mega City. NYC is home to approximately nine million people.

Introducing Our IV Infusion Therapy Products in New York City, NY

  • Biotin Drips in New York City, NY: Our biotin drips ensure that your skin and nails are as healthy as they can be.
  • Beauty Drips in New York City, NY: Beauty drips from IV Butler are an effective way to get great skin thanks to their high concentration of Vitamin C.
  • Detox Drips in New York City, NY: Sometimes toxins and other poisons accumulate in our bodies. Flush them out with our effective detox drips.
  • Energy & Focus Drips in New York City, NY: If you have a major task ahead, you can give yourself a boost with our energy & focus drips.
  • Food Poisoning Drips in New York City, NY: If you have suffered a bout of food poisoning, our food poisoning drips can get you feeling better again.
  • Hydration Drips in New York City, NY: Don’t let a cold or flu get the better of you. With IV Butler’s hydration drips, you can have it under control in no time.
  • Hangover Drips in New York City, NY: Hangovers need not bother you again. Deal with them effectively with our hangover drips.
  • Immunity Drips in New York City, NY: Our immunity drips are full of immunity-boosting nutrients such as B1, B2, B6, B12.
  • Myers Cocktail Drips in New York City, NY: If you are bothered by migraines and asthma, our Myers Cocktail drips can help you bounce back by alleviating these chronic conditions.

Work with IV Butler for Luxury IV Infusion Products in New York City, NY

At IV Butler, we understand that you may not always have the time or energy to go to a medical facility for health-boosting IV infusions. This is the reason why we come to you to help you enjoy the health benefits of our IV drips from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel. You can also be certain that our products are safe as everything comes in a sealed and sterilized package. Our health expert will also assess your health to ensure that the entire process is safe.

If you want to learn more about our IV infusion brand or get custom IV cocktails in New York City, NY, feel free to book a butler by calling (212) 484-9097 or sending an email to [email protected].