Long Island, NY

When you need a quick energy boost, IV Butler’s range of IV infusion solutions can help. Sometimes we don’t get all the nutrients that we need from food because the stomach acid destroys most of these delicate nutrients. Some of these nutrients may also not be absorbed due to a variety of factors. IV Butler ensures that you not only get the full benefits of our health-boosting infusions, but you also get them fast as they are applied directly into your bloodstream. Give us a call today and see how we can transform your health.

About Long Island, NY

Long Island is located on the eastern coast of the United States and lies between the NY harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. The island is home to about 7 million people and includes counties such as Nassau and Suffolk. One notable feature about the island is that it hosts the two busiest airports in New York namely JFK International Airport as well as LaGuardia Airport.

Introducing Our IV Infusion Therapy Products in Long Island, NY

  • Biotin Drips in Long Island, NY: For better nails and skin, choose our biotin drips. The biotin drip solution is also guaranteed to make you feel good.
  • Beauty Drips in Long Island, NY: Our beauty drips will ensure that your skin glows and they can even eliminate discoloration patches.
  • Detox Drips in Long Island, NY: Remove poisonous substances from your body through our highly effective detox drips.
  • Energy & Focus Drips in Long Island, NY: Sometimes you feel lazy and sluggish. If you want to get rid of that feeling quickly, try out our energy and focus drips.
  • Food Poisoning Drips in Long Island, NY: Food poisoning can weigh you down and prevent you from being as productive as you can be. Let our food poisoning drips get you back on your feet again.
  • Hydration Drips in Long Island, NY: Dehydration can be caused by a variety of factors. Our hydration drips quickly restore your body to its optimum condition again.
  • Hangover Drips in Long Island, NY: After a long night of partying, you can count on our hangover drips to get you going again.
  • Immunity Drips in Long Island, NY: Our immunity drips are loaded with various vitamins that help to keep colds and flu at bay.
  • Myers Cocktail Drips in Long Island, NY: If you suffer from chronic fatigue, you can count on our Myers Cocktail drip to help manage the condition.

Work with IV Butler for Luxury IV Infusion Products in Long Island, NY

You can always count on IV Butler’s health-boosting infusions to get you on your feet again. The fact that we come to your house, office, or hotel room means that you save time and money. It also means that you can be safe from public facilities where you may catch infections. All our products are safe, and an average session takes about 30-45 minutes. The effects of our awesome infusions are felt almost immediately.

If you want to learn more about our IV infusion brand or get custom IV cocktails in Long Island, NY, feel free to book a butler by calling (212) 484-9097 or sending an email to [email protected].