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COVID-19 Testing Service

If you are experiencing one or more symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into close contact with someone who has the virus, it is important to get a proper COVID-19 test. Close contact means being near a person (within six-feet radius) for 15 minutes or more. In addition, individuals who have taken part in activities such as attending mass gatherings, traveling, or being in crowded indoor settings should get tested. At IV Butler, we are providing in-home COVID-19 tests for our clients at only $89. What’s more, we can deliver next-day test results.

Get Yourself Tested for COVID-19

COVID-19 should never be taken lightly as the virus infected millions of individuals across the globe in a matter of days. That’s why effective COVID-19 testing is essential for slowing the spread of the virus. It helps identify patients who have the virus and enable healthcare providers to properly treat or isolate these individuals. Testing also helps researchers learn more about how the virus spreads and how prevalent it remains in communities.

Today, diagnostic tests and antibody tests are the two primary ways to test for COVID-19. In a diagnostic test, cells and fluids from a patient’s throat and nose are collected as samples via nasal swabs. These samples are then processed by machines that are designed to detect COVID-19’s genetic material. On the other hand, antibody tests – also known as serology tests – involve the collection of blood samples to determine a patient’s immune response to the virus after getting infected.

We Deliver COVID-19 Test Reports the Next Day

How long it takes for patients to get their test results depends on the type of tests they had. There are currently two types of swab tests, including rapid lateral flow tests and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. The latter is typically used on patients who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and samples will be sent to laboratories for further checks. This process may take up to three days. IV Butler, however, can get our clients’ COVID-19 test results quickly. In most cases, it is a next-day basis.

IV Butler Facilitates the COVID-19 Test at Your Place

If an individual wishes to get tested, he or she is recommended to isolate or self-quarantine at home until they get their test results back. That’s why IV Butler comes to your home to facilitate the test. Our quick, affordable, and confidential COVID-19 testing services ensure that clients do not have to leave their homes.

If you have any questions about IV Butler’s COVID-19 testing services, feel free to contact us today.